Spatrend Expo 2018


4 & 6 JUNI 2022

You’ve been dreaming about having a jacuzzi in your own garden for ages but never managed to find ‘the one’? Visit our showroom in Stek87 located in Valkenswaard and discover a world of modern relaxation: during the Open Days we await you with special promotions on our top-notch jacuzzis, garden furniture and other outdoor accessories.

We would like to show you all the benefits of hot water therapy and the novelties that the spa industry offers. You will be surprised how owning a jacuzzi changes your life.

We would like to welcome you at our newest Spa Showroom and Spa Exhibition in Valkenswaard. Please sign up for the SpaTrend Expo to have the best spa shopping experience.

Let us answer your questions during a friendly chat next to a cup of coffee! With seasonal promotions and personalized offers, we want to make sure you find the right spa that you can enjoy for many years. 

Relieving stress and finding the right ways to recharge our batteries have never been more important: many people are on the verge of burning out or experience long-term physical exhaustion that can also lead to mental fatigue. Taking enough time to relax and unwind will benefit your health, your relationships as well as your productivity and general frame of mind.

Let us show you how owning a spa will contribute to your everyday life. You suffer from chronic back pain or sleeping problems? You feel overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated most of the time? You find it difficult to connect your personal life and the challenges of your career? A jacuzzi can help you with all of these and offer much more than you could imagine. Of course, you have to choose the equipment wisely, and that is exactly what we’re here for!

Visit our showroom in Valkenswaard, and let us help you find the model that suits all your needs – size, design, massage – we believe you deserve The Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience.

Töltsünk együtt mégtöbb minőségi időt!
  • you can get to know the best spas that exist
  • you will see our ideas of garden design
  • our experts will help you choose the best spa for yourself
  • you can try and test our spas if you would like to
  • you can meet people that already use a spa 
  • our garden furniture will definitely fit your taste
  • you can see and try our grills and barbecues
  • we will welcome you with a nice tea, coffee and fresheners
  • visiting our exhibition is an experience that you will enjoy
  • you will meet nice people and have a great time

Please visit our showroom!

If you would like to know more about our products and brands, you can get in touch with us via phone or email. If you would like to visit us, you can make an appointment, or drop by Valkenswaard and take a look at our jacuzzis, garden furniture and other outdoor accessories whenever it suits you! We hope to see you soon and have a chat about how creating your private wellness space can change your life.